What To Know About Cloud Security

Today, it may be true to claim that almost all the business is delivering their data into the cloud environment. Whenever there is a topic about cloud, it is always about the level of cloud security that a cloud vendors can make sure to their costumers. There are many conflicting ideas about this, some may be sure that the cloud must be more secure than traditional systems, whereas others claim cloud is the most unsecure location to save your data.

When mentioning cloud security, the level of security to each user or each company is different. Things that we should take into consideration is how it has impacts on the company when more and more people take advantage of this new technology.

  1. The cloud security market is developing.

From many researches we can easily find on the Internet through a click to Google site, the market for security products as well as services is demanding and always demanding all over the world. Of course, the need for cloud security services is the top priority and necessity. And more surprisingly, it is estimated that the market size will have been at about 9 billion dollars by the year of 2019.

  1. The percentage of companies that have suffered from a data breach

In the last three years, data breaches were the main topics on technological channels. Such big brands as Target, JP Morgan Chase and Home Depot all released news that there data has been already compromised. According to a report, 43 percent of companies has to suffer from a data breach in only one year.

  1. Public versus private

Mentioning cloud computing, the level of security is always the problem creating the debates among users, particularly the comparison between private and public clouds. Although a private cloud at first may provide you with more ability to control over your data as well as more ease to adopt the HIPAA standards and PCI, we can determine whether it is more or less secure than public clouds.

  1. Cloud and security’s ideas in the year of 2017

Even though the phrase cloud security was not usually talked about, both two words ‘cloud’ and ‘security’ are always on the top considerations in most reports. It is estimated that 36 percent of IT executives considered security to be there first priority, while 31 percent adopt cloud as a technology to control their business.

  1. Storage is regarded as the most dangerous cloud application

As most costumers have taken cloud into consideration, they may be finding for the cloud service providers that have good reputation. Also, cloud storage is very vital to the enterprise as well, yet it has its own drawbacks. More than a half of the users considered storage to be the most dangerous cloud application, it is up to their company’s ideas about risk. Another risk of apps were all about finance as well as accounting.

  1. The biggest risk is your employees

You may think that attackers from outside are the most dangerous risk of your business, but your staff is also exposing the same threat. According to a report, employees are the reason of about 60 percent of security accidents in the year of 2016. The risk is getting worse and worse by those who are working in a far distance or taking advantage of their own mobile device to have approach to sensitive data outside of the entrepreneur network. Once you start using cloud services, firstly you must think of cloud security issues to prevent you from being exposed to annoying problems.


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