High tech devices used for health care industry

  1. Controllers used to manage glucose level by using laser light

A new system named Gluco Sense which was devised by a team of researchers from the University of Leeds will be able to help patients who have to suffer from diabetes take control over their glucose levels while they do not need to place themselves through such uncomfortable procedures.

In order to activate the system, patients only need to put a small pad of their finger onto a glass window against this device. Then a light laser beam will be set up via a window and scan through their finger, with some of the light which is absorbed by glucose and the rest will be reflected back on the window.

One highlighted point of Gluco Sense is that thanks to the installation of this technology, patients that have been exposed to diabetes will have a chance to receive continuous readings, which will enable them to get alerts immediately if there is a demand on any kind of medical treatment. This is an ideal method for people to control their status on their own and to avoid from instances of urgent hospital treatment.

  1. Clip-On Hospital cribs

After mothershave seen their lovely babies for the first time, their infants which they have expected for a long time is usually taken to various cribs placed in the hospital. These cribs are often placed in a separate room which are not near the mother’s bed. As a result, the mother may feel upset when they do not have a chance to see their cute infants that they have expected very much.

With the hope of building more close intimacy between a mother and her child, a hospital located in the Netherlands have decided to provide their customers with a new kind of cribs which are attached to the beds of mothers. This new technological invention is so ideal as it lets mothers have a closer touch to their babies at the first time they give birth to them from the convenience of the hospital bed. Apart from its interesting functions, this crib is also able to reduce the pressure from delivering toward and forward to the crib so that feeding, soothing and changing the baby will be much easier than ever before.

This hospital hopes that its new technology will be used widely in most hospitals all over the world.

Futuristic hospitals applied with high technology that people are in need of

  1. Monolithic Medical Centers

The new clinic building which is constructed by AGI Architects is an architectural futuristic center which is aimed to serve similarly to the architecture of Kuwait. In general, this new technological building has a twinkling geometrical golden facade with grey outer walls which are made out of steel that can satisfy the demands of the projects to be both secure and private.

In terms of the design, this clinic has its every separate wing sectioned off into giving complete functions. What is more, this clinic is also coded with various colors. And this is very ideal if visitors paying their visit to the clinic speak different languages.

Architects of AGI, a company that includes various offices in both Madrid and Kuwait as well as is famous for working in health care fields, has made this project to be an innovation that stand out from other medical centers.

  1. Hospitals designed with the inspiration from hotels

The Circle Reading Hospital which was designed by Brydenwood Architects is obviously a stunning healthcare center whose aim is to copy a hotel experience into this hospital. Instead of making a normal hospital experience, this Circle Reading Hospital brings about the warming and dynamic environment which provides their patients with relaxing views as well as a comfortable atmosphere to check their health or inform them their status.

What is more, all rooms at the Circle Reading Hospital have many windows which are opposite the inside courtyard, so that when patients are standing there, they will be able to see a greenery scene which brings them a relaxing feeling so that their mind will be positive while being in recovery process. The hospital also arranges a restaurant instead of a canteen to make it more like the hotels.

Last but not least, the Circle Reading hospital can be stated to be a revolution in terms of healthcare industry which has the ability to connect a patient’s environment with the success of healing process.

  1. Futuristic hospital extensions

This new hospital extension is similar to a science fiction film due to its impressive design. In terms of outer design, the hospital extension has clean white walls as well as floor and ceiling which also match the color. This new medical invention is really appealing to even the most difficult design fans.

Convenient technologies applied to our life

  1.  Apps that can be used to reveal genetics

DNA-testing technology has existed for a long time, but now the technology has gone so far by the advent of a smart phone application which is able to revel your full genome sequencing. Of course, the cost for this app is not inexpensive at all, at about one thousand dollars but you can use to check many of your family members or relatives’ genes.

Such DNA companies as 23andme have obviously made some of your genetic details available; nevertheless, with the app named MyGenome, every customers who own it can easily get access to it regardless of their location with the Internet connection. Thanks to the application, you are helping yourself with detecting if there is any diagnosis in your body that can be reflected by your blood as well as maintaining effective treatment of your diseases. This app is also ideal when it comes to giving your own results for more general lifestyle decisions by revealing you the information of your DNA.

  1. Bus stations which are powered by solar energy

As you may have known, London is claimed to be the first place that brings out many high tech bus shelters which are powered by solar energy. These shelters are made to be both possible and affordable to generate enough electricity for a normal household within a year. More than that function, this new kind of bus shelters will be really functional when it comes to powering other facilities related to transportation in the city.

The bus shelters powered by solar energy is capable of making more than 2000 kWh of electricity every year thanks to taking advantage of special solar technology provided by a UK solar technology company named Polysolar.

  1. Earpieces used for measuring signals of seizures

The EPItect is a new effective and useful wearable sensor which has the ability to realize, spot as well as take measurements for the signals of impending seizures. This new device was developed by a group of scientists as well as engineers from a university located in Germany.

In terms of operation, this wearable sensor is capable of detecting if there is any signal of seizures before delivering the detailed information to the wearer through a connected device to a computer. It works similarly to a hearing aid as a method for a wearer to keep track of their status to find out treatments for their diseases in a timely manner.

Compact high tech devices but effective to use


  1. Wearable Electronic Sensors

A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo has recently made a new type of wearable sensors which are named as E-skin. In spite of the fact that having sensors fixed directly into your skin could just be an imagination, the new technology here has proved that it can come to reality.

E-skin is a thin film that is integrated with different electronic sensors providing users with many functions. These sensors can be laminated to your hands by using a clear tape so that it looks like the sensors are embedded into your skin. In terms of functions, these sensors are able to project both numbers as well as letters that reveal details about the wearer’s blood oxygen levels. The researchers hope that this new technology can be another option for heavy smart phones which are rather more difficult to carry along.

  1. Compact drug production systems

Scientists as well as researchers from MIT have introduced a new piece of technology that must be able to change drug production systems.

In terms of operation, this drug production system works by scaling down every stage of producing drugs in a more effortless manner so that producers can do the whole process much easily without having to control carefully with the old systems but also receive better quality of both management and setup.

What is more, this drug production system provides a wide variety of benefits such as making process different kinds of drugs at a fast pace than the past.

  1. Allergic reaction controllers

A new device named Aibi is created with the aim of supporting children who have to suffer from allergies to keep an eye on their status. It is ideal that whenever a child has any signal of being allergic, they will receive treatment on time. The device definitely helps that it is able to realize whether there is any allergic reaction so that you can make sure your children are capable of getting treatment properly.

In terms of operation, Aibi is a wearable device designed with customizable animal characters that your kids can wear on your hands as an accessorize. This device contains light-sensitive photodiodes which help both measure histamine levels and keep track of allergies. Last but not least, the device also has a medical alert system which will warn the wearers as much early as it can.

A sample list technology integrated toys

1. Coding Robots with various emotions

COJI is the name of a new coding robot from the famous brand for their toys called WOWWEE. This new toy is integrated with all of the best emotions of emotive toys, a robot as well as a coding suit which is aimed to educate basic programming skills for your kids.
In spite of the fact that understanding programming is rather similar to acquiring a new language, it is claimed by the company that COJI only teaches your kids to program by basing on the language that they have already known. Although the robot can be taken advantage whether when using an application or not, controlling COJI from your smart tablet or smart phone is how the language of programming is keeping secret. COJI will motivate your kids to play STEM games as a way to check their memorizing skills as well as others.Apart from emotion icons used to teach your kids to program, this coding robot also takes advantage of expression gestures such as shaking to respond to a physical touch.
2. Transformative phone toys

A phone business named KDDI and the toymaker Takara Tomy has collaborated together to replace the Transformers as well as a phone designed since 2003 with a transformative phone toy.One form of the toy has the shape similar to the Naoto mobile phone of KDDI, which has been really popular at the time due to its simple and compact design, while it may be not as thin as smart phones that we are owning at the current time.Being a kit of phone toys, the Transformers series has the ability to provide you with many interactive details such as interchangeable display cards as well as lightning functions.

3. Flexible Intimacy Toys

The intelligent vibrator named the Crescendo is a flexible intimacy toy which you can bent, twist as well as create various shapes into a lot of orientations so that you can have different experiences only with one device.In addition, the Crescendo has a vibration system integrated inside the device with six motors which can be fixed so as to offer the accurate level of power that you want.Unlike other devices on the current market, this powerful technological smart vibrator is crated to be powerful while providing a relatively quiet experience. Moreover, it also can be connected to an application to be used as a remote control.