How high technology is revolutionizing our life

  1. Batteries powered by peeing

A group of researchers, scientists as well as engineers have collaborated together as well as are assisted by other partners from the Bristol Bioenergy Centre to devise a high tech microbial fuel cell which can be a battery effectively when being powered by human urine.

In general, this microbial fuel cell takes advantage entirely on the bacteria in the urine to generate chemical reactions which will lead to the production of electricity, which will then be utilized.

As you can see, this new battery is very ideal to use because to power it, you only need a fixed amount of free, organic and always available which does not demand on any complex processing or costs to activate. As a result, this new kind of battery is definitely an effective way to help deal with energy demands all over the world while still protecting environment.

  1. Serpentine Industrial robots

The new robot named Euleme is a high tech smart innovation which is created similar to a mechanical snake robot. The innovation is aimed to make it easier than in the past when it comes to decreasing the high costs of maintaining facilities which are often located and activated under the water.

In other words, this new serpentine robot is able to complete a wide variety of mechanical tasks while being put on the sea bed. In fact, this Euleme mechanical snake robot is an ideal option as it is not only able to infiltrate underwater facilities but also capable of caring for visual inspections and even be taken advantage to fix valves in addition to many key tasks that need to be done under the sea.

All in all, this new mechanical snake robot is a proof that we are definitely able to maintain the underwater equipment more securely as well as more effectively by a robot that can be used for a lot of industrial requirements.

  1. Natural air cleaning systems

A group of researchers have recently taken measures to design a new invention named Airlabs which can take advantage of natural process in order to clean the atmosphere inside the globe. Due to the fact that air pollution has become the hottest topic day by day, this system is what we are really in need of in addition to such inventions as breathing masks that can help fight against the problem.

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