How high technology is applied at banks

  1. Voice Detection Banking

A bank in Mumbai, India has recently provided their users with a method of banking without using hands due to the advantage of voice recognition technology. This bank hopes to make financing become much easier and convenient for all of its customers so that they create this type of banking to enable completing transactions by utilizing only their voice which is similar to using their password. Also, in addition to this new type of banking, customers are able to utilize their smartphone with a Twitter account to do transaction processes, check account balances and many other tasks.

In order to take advantage of this new banking service, customers need to sign up with a voice print. A voice print contains more than 100 characteristics so that imitating seems not to be possible. As soon as you need to use the banking system, the bank will use its voice detection software to check if the voice is matched properly.

  1. Visual Transaction Signing

As the problem is that individual information must be on the top of many concerns for a lot of people nowadays, the CrontoSign Visual Transaction Signing system was devised to help deal with another bigger problem, which is secure banking transaction.

In general, this Cronto Sign Visual Transaction Signing system is an ideal solution that will let both banks and entrepreneurs stay safe. More precisely, this visual transaction signing system offers a total efficiency for both user convenience and high level of security so that it can reduce any threat without having impact on their customers. It comes with flexibility as well, which makes it operate smoothly on a wide variety of platforms.

  1. Cashless banking applications

A bank located in Australia has recently made preparation to advance their banking applications by turning them into wearable apps.

This app is compatible with both IOS and Android operating system. It will be taken advantage of wearable technology so that this app will feature cashing without using cash. As a result, customers will have the ability to take out money from automatic transaction machines with a code containing eight digits in a secure manner. Users have the ability to use a touchscreen of a watch face so as to choose the amount of money that the want to withdraw from the bank and this process takes only a few minutes.

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