How agriculture economy benefits from high technology

  1. Ideas of using energy to expand the market of agriculture products

Even though you do not own any house, you can definitely receive good effects from the solar panels designed for renters. A company located in Boston named Cloud Solar has recently introduced its campaign on Kick Starter for solar panels that you can own. This campaign is aimed to encourage using solar energy and those panels are utilized at a farm of the company.

In purpose of developing the utilization of solar power created in the United States, this new campaign is calling for those who want to protect environment to take part in as well as widen their market. If you can afford, you can also purchase one solar panel or more for your family. The power generated will be sold to local transmission lines and 80 percent of the value will belong to the customer that owns the panel.

  1. Water Rental Services

The tool called Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management is devised for sharing water at a relatively fast pace for farmers. Also, this tool also enables farmers to earn more money as they can either make sales or lease water to other farmers who are also in need of.

Thanks to adoption of satellite imagery, the software from SWIIM is easy to be utilize. This software will allow farmers to have the ability to check the amount of water that they are using on their own fields. What is more, it is not just a device used to share water, farmers also have a chance to have a deep understanding into the types of crops which are the most suitable for their cultivating land, the results they can receive after harvesting as well as what type of water which they had better take advantage for their crops.

Moreover, this tool is going to be installed for such areas with many problems related to moisture levels in America. These areas are considered to be vulnerable to droughts while agriculture industry accounts for up to 80 percent of their areas water use.

  1. Crop mapping drones

These drones are able to help farmers keep track of their crops. While observing crops on a daily basis is impossible for farmers, this kind of drone is ideal as it can uses data analytics to detect if there is any unhealthy crop on the land.

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