High technology items to be used in developing countries

  1. Accessorizes for your vehicles

As you may have witnessed from the reality, since the invention of the Internet of Things as well as the telecommunications, our life has been changed very much day by day. And now a new kind of technological device named the Rasksha Safe Drive was devised with the aim of increasing safety while travelling at a higher level. This new technology is devised by a company in India. When it comes to the operation, this device runs by being put in the cabin of a vehicle or when it is linked to a motorbike dashboard. After that, it will operate to save your securely from being crashed into accidents by sending signals in case you have got into any trouble and you need support. Another highlighted point of this accessorize is that it has a panic button for you to use when calling for help in emergent cases.

You can easily install as well as activate this device by taking advantage of GPS technology and it is suitable for using on almost all kinds of vehicles.

  1. Trash cans used to provide Wi-Fi connection

This smart garbage is an ideal option to protect the environment as it serves Wi-Fi connection for those who choose not to throw garbage on the streets. In general, this garbage bin is able to give you the Internet connection within 15 minutes if you feed it trash.

This kind of plastic bins is equipped with LED screens as well as a radius. There is also eye-catching installations to be used as a method of keeping public spaces clean. All in all, this new device is so ideal for most crowded cities to prevent their areas from being polluted and it is also able to raise awareness among citizens.

  1. Luggage stations that you can server yourself

An airport in India has released its new luggage counters as a way to reduce long lines of queuing. Thanks to these travel stations which help you serve on your own, any passenger who passes through the terminals will need to drop off their bags as well as sign up and remark them with labels. Instead of employing an employee, these machines are capable of both measuring passengers’ luggage and deciding if a passenger needs to pay any fees. If there is a demand on paying cash, the process will be done by using cards.


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