High technology devices which are offered with a reasonable price

  1. Augmented Reality Headsets which are not expensive at all

A new headset called the Smart Cap is a new technological kind of headset which is integrated with augmented reality technology. It was devised by a designer from India. In general, this Smart Cap is a Google Glass which was created by using Linux, an open source Raspberry Pi personal computer as well as a software for voice detection.

On the current market, this Smart Cap is considered to be the most effective headset equipped with augmented reality technology. In addition to the functions of a normal headset, this new one can be created on your own with a reasonable price. Last but not least, due to its Raspberry Pi structure, this headset can be served as your personal computer.

  1. Cameras that can capture photos at a really fast pace

A company in Indian named NexGear has currently introduced a high tech camera which is specifically designed to be used in adventurous journey as this camera is able to record as well as adjust scenes at an automatic manner and then those photos can be shared at a fast pace in the form of video files.

What is more, this camera named Frodo is equipped with a 120-degree wide angle 8-megapixel camera so that it is able to snap photos or record HD videos at the speed of 30 frames every second. Also, it will allow you to capture photos quickly before you miss a memorable moment.

  1. Self-Juicing Batteries

A group of researchers in India has collaborated together to create a self-charging battery. As you can see from its name, this new technological battery is able to recharge on its own by taking advantage of either artificial light or light from solar energy. Although normal batteries are often utilized to store power that is come from solar cells, this new battery utilizes a special titanium anode, not a regular anode so that it can charge itself easily.

Moreover, this battery is able to reach its full charge within only 30 seconds when it is put in regular indoor lighting. After that, you can use it to charge your LED light or to operate a small fan. This charge is expected to last more than 100 times of charging. Another highlighted point of this charge is that its possibility of catching fire is less than normal batteries.

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