High tech devices used for health care industry

  1. Controllers used to manage glucose level by using laser light

A new system named Gluco Sense which was devised by a team of researchers from the University of Leeds will be able to help patients who have to suffer from diabetes take control over their glucose levels while they do not need to place themselves through such uncomfortable procedures.

In order to activate the system, patients only need to put a small pad of their finger onto a glass window against this device. Then a light laser beam will be set up via a window and scan through their finger, with some of the light which is absorbed by glucose and the rest will be reflected back on the window.

One highlighted point of Gluco Sense is that thanks to the installation of this technology, patients that have been exposed to diabetes will have a chance to receive continuous readings, which will enable them to get alerts immediately if there is a demand on any kind of medical treatment. This is an ideal method for people to control their status on their own and to avoid from instances of urgent hospital treatment.

  1. Clip-On Hospital cribs

After mothershave seen their lovely babies for the first time, their infants which they have expected for a long time is usually taken to various cribs placed in the hospital. These cribs are often placed in a separate room which are not near the mother’s bed. As a result, the mother may feel upset when they do not have a chance to see their cute infants that they have expected very much.

With the hope of building more close intimacy between a mother and her child, a hospital located in the Netherlands have decided to provide their customers with a new kind of cribs which are attached to the beds of mothers. This new technological invention is so ideal as it lets mothers have a closer touch to their babies at the first time they give birth to them from the convenience of the hospital bed. Apart from its interesting functions, this crib is also able to reduce the pressure from delivering toward and forward to the crib so that feeding, soothing and changing the baby will be much easier than ever before.

This hospital hopes that its new technology will be used widely in most hospitals all over the world.

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