Futuristic hospitals applied with high technology that people are in need of

  1. Monolithic Medical Centers

The new clinic building which is constructed by AGI Architects is an architectural futuristic center which is aimed to serve similarly to the architecture of Kuwait. In general, this new technological building has a twinkling geometrical golden facade with grey outer walls which are made out of steel that can satisfy the demands of the projects to be both secure and private.

In terms of the design, this clinic has its every separate wing sectioned off into giving complete functions. What is more, this clinic is also coded with various colors. And this is very ideal if visitors paying their visit to the clinic speak different languages.

Architects of AGI, a company that includes various offices in both Madrid and Kuwait as well as is famous for working in health care fields, has made this project to be an innovation that stand out from other medical centers.

  1. Hospitals designed with the inspiration from hotels

The Circle Reading Hospital which was designed by Brydenwood Architects is obviously a stunning healthcare center whose aim is to copy a hotel experience into this hospital. Instead of making a normal hospital experience, this Circle Reading Hospital brings about the warming and dynamic environment which provides their patients with relaxing views as well as a comfortable atmosphere to check their health or inform them their status.

What is more, all rooms at the Circle Reading Hospital have many windows which are opposite the inside courtyard, so that when patients are standing there, they will be able to see a greenery scene which brings them a relaxing feeling so that their mind will be positive while being in recovery process. The hospital also arranges a restaurant instead of a canteen to make it more like the hotels.

Last but not least, the Circle Reading hospital can be stated to be a revolution in terms of healthcare industry which has the ability to connect a patient’s environment with the success of healing process.

  1. Futuristic hospital extensions

This new hospital extension is similar to a science fiction film due to its impressive design. In terms of outer design, the hospital extension has clean white walls as well as floor and ceiling which also match the color. This new medical invention is really appealing to even the most difficult design fans.

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