Convenient technologies applied to our life

  1.  Apps that can be used to reveal genetics

DNA-testing technology has existed for a long time, but now the technology has gone so far by the advent of a smart phone application which is able to revel your full genome sequencing. Of course, the cost for this app is not inexpensive at all, at about one thousand dollars but you can use to check many of your family members or relatives’ genes.

Such DNA companies as 23andme have obviously made some of your genetic details available; nevertheless, with the app named MyGenome, every customers who own it can easily get access to it regardless of their location with the Internet connection. Thanks to the application, you are helping yourself with detecting if there is any diagnosis in your body that can be reflected by your blood as well as maintaining effective treatment of your diseases. This app is also ideal when it comes to giving your own results for more general lifestyle decisions by revealing you the information of your DNA.

  1. Bus stations which are powered by solar energy

As you may have known, London is claimed to be the first place that brings out many high tech bus shelters which are powered by solar energy. These shelters are made to be both possible and affordable to generate enough electricity for a normal household within a year. More than that function, this new kind of bus shelters will be really functional when it comes to powering other facilities related to transportation in the city.

The bus shelters powered by solar energy is capable of making more than 2000 kWh of electricity every year thanks to taking advantage of special solar technology provided by a UK solar technology company named Polysolar.

  1. Earpieces used for measuring signals of seizures

The EPItect is a new effective and useful wearable sensor which has the ability to realize, spot as well as take measurements for the signals of impending seizures. This new device was developed by a group of scientists as well as engineers from a university located in Germany.

In terms of operation, this wearable sensor is capable of detecting if there is any signal of seizures before delivering the detailed information to the wearer through a connected device to a computer. It works similarly to a hearing aid as a method for a wearer to keep track of their status to find out treatments for their diseases in a timely manner.

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