Compact high tech devices but effective to use


  1. Wearable Electronic Sensors

A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo has recently made a new type of wearable sensors which are named as E-skin. In spite of the fact that having sensors fixed directly into your skin could just be an imagination, the new technology here has proved that it can come to reality.

E-skin is a thin film that is integrated with different electronic sensors providing users with many functions. These sensors can be laminated to your hands by using a clear tape so that it looks like the sensors are embedded into your skin. In terms of functions, these sensors are able to project both numbers as well as letters that reveal details about the wearer’s blood oxygen levels. The researchers hope that this new technology can be another option for heavy smart phones which are rather more difficult to carry along.

  1. Compact drug production systems

Scientists as well as researchers from MIT have introduced a new piece of technology that must be able to change drug production systems.

In terms of operation, this drug production system works by scaling down every stage of producing drugs in a more effortless manner so that producers can do the whole process much easily without having to control carefully with the old systems but also receive better quality of both management and setup.

What is more, this drug production system provides a wide variety of benefits such as making process different kinds of drugs at a fast pace than the past.

  1. Allergic reaction controllers

A new device named Aibi is created with the aim of supporting children who have to suffer from allergies to keep an eye on their status. It is ideal that whenever a child has any signal of being allergic, they will receive treatment on time. The device definitely helps that it is able to realize whether there is any allergic reaction so that you can make sure your children are capable of getting treatment properly.

In terms of operation, Aibi is a wearable device designed with customizable animal characters that your kids can wear on your hands as an accessorize. This device contains light-sensitive photodiodes which help both measure histamine levels and keep track of allergies. Last but not least, the device also has a medical alert system which will warn the wearers as much early as it can.

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