How high technology is revolutionizing our life

  1. Batteries powered by peeing

A group of researchers, scientists as well as engineers have collaborated together as well as are assisted by other partners from the Bristol Bioenergy Centre to devise a high tech microbial fuel cell which can be a battery effectively when being powered by human urine.

In general, this microbial fuel cell takes advantage entirely on the bacteria in the urine to generate chemical reactions which will lead to the production of electricity, which will then be utilized.

As you can see, this new battery is very ideal to use because to power it, you only need a fixed amount of free, organic and always available which does not demand on any complex processing or costs to activate. As a result, this new kind of battery is definitely an effective way to help deal with energy demands all over the world while still protecting environment.

  1. Serpentine Industrial robots

The new robot named Euleme is a high tech smart innovation which is created similar to a mechanical snake robot. The innovation is aimed to make it easier than in the past when it comes to decreasing the high costs of maintaining facilities which are often located and activated under the water.

In other words, this new serpentine robot is able to complete a wide variety of mechanical tasks while being put on the sea bed. In fact, this Euleme mechanical snake robot is an ideal option as it is not only able to infiltrate underwater facilities but also capable of caring for visual inspections and even be taken advantage to fix valves in addition to many key tasks that need to be done under the sea.

All in all, this new mechanical snake robot is a proof that we are definitely able to maintain the underwater equipment more securely as well as more effectively by a robot that can be used for a lot of industrial requirements.

  1. Natural air cleaning systems

A group of researchers have recently taken measures to design a new invention named Airlabs which can take advantage of natural process in order to clean the atmosphere inside the globe. Due to the fact that air pollution has become the hottest topic day by day, this system is what we are really in need of in addition to such inventions as breathing masks that can help fight against the problem.

How high technology is applied at banks

  1. Voice Detection Banking

A bank in Mumbai, India has recently provided their users with a method of banking without using hands due to the advantage of voice recognition technology. This bank hopes to make financing become much easier and convenient for all of its customers so that they create this type of banking to enable completing transactions by utilizing only their voice which is similar to using their password. Also, in addition to this new type of banking, customers are able to utilize their smartphone with a Twitter account to do transaction processes, check account balances and many other tasks.

In order to take advantage of this new banking service, customers need to sign up with a voice print. A voice print contains more than 100 characteristics so that imitating seems not to be possible. As soon as you need to use the banking system, the bank will use its voice detection software to check if the voice is matched properly.

  1. Visual Transaction Signing

As the problem is that individual information must be on the top of many concerns for a lot of people nowadays, the CrontoSign Visual Transaction Signing system was devised to help deal with another bigger problem, which is secure banking transaction.

In general, this Cronto Sign Visual Transaction Signing system is an ideal solution that will let both banks and entrepreneurs stay safe. More precisely, this visual transaction signing system offers a total efficiency for both user convenience and high level of security so that it can reduce any threat without having impact on their customers. It comes with flexibility as well, which makes it operate smoothly on a wide variety of platforms.

  1. Cashless banking applications

A bank located in Australia has recently made preparation to advance their banking applications by turning them into wearable apps.

This app is compatible with both IOS and Android operating system. It will be taken advantage of wearable technology so that this app will feature cashing without using cash. As a result, customers will have the ability to take out money from automatic transaction machines with a code containing eight digits in a secure manner. Users have the ability to use a touchscreen of a watch face so as to choose the amount of money that the want to withdraw from the bank and this process takes only a few minutes.

How agriculture economy benefits from high technology

  1. Ideas of using energy to expand the market of agriculture products

Even though you do not own any house, you can definitely receive good effects from the solar panels designed for renters. A company located in Boston named Cloud Solar has recently introduced its campaign on Kick Starter for solar panels that you can own. This campaign is aimed to encourage using solar energy and those panels are utilized at a farm of the company.

In purpose of developing the utilization of solar power created in the United States, this new campaign is calling for those who want to protect environment to take part in as well as widen their market. If you can afford, you can also purchase one solar panel or more for your family. The power generated will be sold to local transmission lines and 80 percent of the value will belong to the customer that owns the panel.

  1. Water Rental Services

The tool called Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management is devised for sharing water at a relatively fast pace for farmers. Also, this tool also enables farmers to earn more money as they can either make sales or lease water to other farmers who are also in need of.

Thanks to adoption of satellite imagery, the software from SWIIM is easy to be utilize. This software will allow farmers to have the ability to check the amount of water that they are using on their own fields. What is more, it is not just a device used to share water, farmers also have a chance to have a deep understanding into the types of crops which are the most suitable for their cultivating land, the results they can receive after harvesting as well as what type of water which they had better take advantage for their crops.

Moreover, this tool is going to be installed for such areas with many problems related to moisture levels in America. These areas are considered to be vulnerable to droughts while agriculture industry accounts for up to 80 percent of their areas water use.

  1. Crop mapping drones

These drones are able to help farmers keep track of their crops. While observing crops on a daily basis is impossible for farmers, this kind of drone is ideal as it can uses data analytics to detect if there is any unhealthy crop on the land.

What To Know About Cloud Security

Today, it may be true to claim that almost all the business is delivering their data into the cloud environment. Whenever there is a topic about cloud, it is always about the level of cloud security that a cloud vendors can make sure to their costumers. There are many conflicting ideas about this, some may be sure that the cloud must be more secure than traditional systems, whereas others claim cloud is the most unsecure location to save your data.

When mentioning cloud security, the level of security to each user or each company is different. Things that we should take into consideration is how it has impacts on the company when more and more people take advantage of this new technology.

  1. The cloud security market is developing.

From many researches we can easily find on the Internet through a click to Google site, the market for security products as well as services is demanding and always demanding all over the world. Of course, the need for cloud security services is the top priority and necessity. And more surprisingly, it is estimated that the market size will have been at about 9 billion dollars by the year of 2019.

  1. The percentage of companies that have suffered from a data breach

In the last three years, data breaches were the main topics on technological channels. Such big brands as Target, JP Morgan Chase and Home Depot all released news that there data has been already compromised. According to a report, 43 percent of companies has to suffer from a data breach in only one year.

  1. Public versus private

Mentioning cloud computing, the level of security is always the problem creating the debates among users, particularly the comparison between private and public clouds. Although a private cloud at first may provide you with more ability to control over your data as well as more ease to adopt the HIPAA standards and PCI, we can determine whether it is more or less secure than public clouds.

  1. Cloud and security’s ideas in the year of 2017

Even though the phrase cloud security was not usually talked about, both two words ‘cloud’ and ‘security’ are always on the top considerations in most reports. It is estimated that 36 percent of IT executives considered security to be there first priority, while 31 percent adopt cloud as a technology to control their business.

  1. Storage is regarded as the most dangerous cloud application

As most costumers have taken cloud into consideration, they may be finding for the cloud service providers that have good reputation. Also, cloud storage is very vital to the enterprise as well, yet it has its own drawbacks. More than a half of the users considered storage to be the most dangerous cloud application, it is up to their company’s ideas about risk. Another risk of apps were all about finance as well as accounting.

  1. The biggest risk is your employees

You may think that attackers from outside are the most dangerous risk of your business, but your staff is also exposing the same threat. According to a report, employees are the reason of about 60 percent of security accidents in the year of 2016. The risk is getting worse and worse by those who are working in a far distance or taking advantage of their own mobile device to have approach to sensitive data outside of the entrepreneur network. Once you start using cloud services, firstly you must think of cloud security issues to prevent you from being exposed to annoying problems.


Hybrid Cloud Security Considerations To Focus On

  1. Lack of data redundancy

First and foremost, public cloud vendors commit significant resources so that they guarantee to their consumers that users are able to have approach to infrastructure easily whenever they need. Although the cloud vendors always try their best to help, it is inevitable for the problems to happen.

What is more, well-publicized outages can result in the threat of operating your apps in a single data center. Cloud engineers demand on redundancy throughout data centers so that they are able to alleviate the influence within a single data center. Moreover, redundancy shortage could lead to a risk in security to your hybrid cloud, especially if redundant duplicates of data are not managed properly throughout data centers. It is rather easier to move virtual machine instances from one data center to another than one large data suite to another.

Cloud engineers can gain redundancy due to taking advantage of a lot of data centers from a single vendor, a lot of public cloud vendors or one hybrid cloud only. Also, although you can gain the continuity of your business thanks to a hybrid cloud, this is still not one only reason to implement this model. Instead, you can save much of your expenses as well as alleviate the risks by utilizing multiple data centers from a single cloud vendor.

  1. Compliance

The second point to take into consideration is that maintaining compliance constantly could be really challenging in a hybrid cloud as you need to make sure that your public cloud vendor as well as your private cloud are in compliance. Moreover, you have to demonstrate that ways of coordination between the two clouds is compliant.

Apart from that, what you need to make sure is that your card data must not be delivered from a compliant database on a private cloud to a more dangerous storage system in a public cloud. The ways by which you use to prevent a leak on a system inside may not directly transfer to a public cloud.

  1. Badly built SLAs

Although you feel safe that your public cloud vendor can help you meet all the laws in service level agreement, which is also known as SLA, you can not make sure that your private cloud could live up to that same agreement. In this case, you should create the agreements which depended entirely on your expectations of the two clouds, both private and public.

Additionally, you should remember to gather data on your private cloud under realistic workloads as well as seek for any possible issues when you integrate the public and private clouds to prevent any disruption to the process. For instance, if a key business driver for your private cloud is taking the responsibility of saving your sensitive data, the service agreement should present the restrictions that you can have the ability to use public cloud for some certain services.

  1. Risk control

When it comes to the side of a business, information security is all about controlling the danger. Cloud computing, especially the hybrid cloud, takes advantage of interfaces named application programming, which is shortly written as APIs, demands on intricate network configurations as well as promotes the restrictions of traditional system admin’s knowledge and capabilities.

And these issues can lead to a lot of risks later. Cloud computing can not be considered to be safer or not than internal infrastructures, yet hybrid cloud is an intricate mechanism that engineers do not have enough experience to control it.


All About Cloud Security

Within the few past years, cloud computing has become one of the most developed technology, which offers the customers inexpensive, virtual services that cost us a lot in the past as well as demanded on local heavy hardware. Today, many entrepreneurs have been utilizing cloud so as to deal with a lot of business operations. In the long term, cloud will become really necessary for us and we have to save our data which is located on cloud while also maintaining the good value of service that we are provided. Cloud security is the most annoying thing to take into consideration as attackers can hack user details to carry out their illegal purposes. We may keeping a lot of our data in the cloud even though we do not really understand clearly all about its security. The article is going to a lot of mention a lot of problems that may appear in cloud security systems of both consumers and vendors.

You must know that there are so many cloud security problems as well as risk in the cloud and they are distributed into different types, according to the location that they occur.

  1. Privacy

The most dizzy issues to stick into our mind is privacy, which may be among the most serious problems to both individual users and the cloud security providers. Your cloud service vendors need to provide you with the high level of privacy. Privacy can make sure that your data, your individual details as well as your details must not be attacked by hackers. You need to know how your data is kept within the cloud environment and whether the data is encrypted or not because you must be sure that even the admin of the system is not able to see the data without a decryption key. The encryption and decryption keys are informed with the customers and thus the cloud service vendor can not have the ability to have a look at data. You need to think of all these above issues when making a choice for a suitable cloud service providers. Another risk in privacy is the insider threat. An insider can have approach to the individual information of the user easily when the encryption keys are revealed to the cloud service vendor, or when the data has not been encrypted yet or when the data is saved in various places. Private information may be credit card information, religion, health records and many others as well.

  1. Confidentiality

Another serious issue of security to be mentioned in this article is confidentiality. It is so important that your cloud service provider needs to maintain all your data confidential from other individual users because it can be delivered through various communication channels. You need to know about end-to-end encryption, client as well as server authentication and especially no data leakage as well. Whenever there is a cross-VM side-channel attack, your confidentiality of the system could be highly compromised.

  1. Integrity

This issue means that none of your data could be modified when it is delivered from source to destination. It is necessary for you to make sure the integrity of the data, more precisely, your data can only be changed in terms of authorized transactions.

  1. Data saving

It is obvious that a cloud has a big storage space. It is able to help you store a vast amount of data as well as information. Thus, it is so important for your vendor to guarantee that the level of data privacy is maintained constantly and the data isolation is, as well. Last but not least, you must have your own address space so that they can not reach your data.


Hybrid Cloud Security Concerns

You can witness your friends or your relatives who also have to control a business like you, take advantage of cloud but you do not. However, in terms of compliance, you are still the one who take responsibility for your data although it is not controlled by a cloud vendor.

What is more, even though you may be confident and feel peaceful when you have your own private network, you may find it is dispensable for you to move all your data into a technology being able to manage a vast amount of data, cloud. And things will get complicated since then. You need to stick to your mind that even though the cloud provider can take over your mission of controlling your data and you can save much of your time, it is the data security that can be influenced much.

Because more entrepreneurs tend to adopt hybrid cloud mechanism, there are a lot of problems about cloud security that you must take into consideration.

  1. Data compliance

Moving your data into cloud environment means that you need to learn all the laws about compliance for your data as well as the company you are working for. Regardless of which reasons you have to work with your data from managing your patient health information to controlling the sales of your business, you should understand clearly all the information of your work. You have to ask your cloud vendor to explain to you which compliance standards that they satisfy for their customers.

  1. Policy management

Policies you have with your private network are not the same with ones you have with cloud services. The first and foremost purpose of a hybrid cloud is to be capable of setting a security policy constantly over your whole network. This policy does contains such infrastructure policy as firewall rules, user authentication as well as many others. In fact, this step is so challenging as you have to work with more than one cloud service vendors. In case you work with a multi-cloud environment, the problem will get easier and easier. Thus, nowadays a lot of IT security experts choose to find multi cloud management platforms so that they can limit the difficulty for themselves.

  1. Data leaks

When it comes to saving a hybrid cloud, the most concerned problem for data security providers is data visibility. It is important to decide the location that the data should be located because it is risky if you do not pay attention to having a suitable visibility for your data. Therefore, when you transfer your data, especially sensitive one into the environment of a cloud service vendor, you should monitor properly so as to control your data store locations.

  1. Data encryption

The last issue to take into consideration is data encryption. It is obvious that an ideal method for you to save your data at any time is to encrypt in when your workload is not too busy. As you are working in a multi-tenant case in a cloud service vendor environment, encrypting will be really indispensable. Another thing to stick to your mind is that you have to protect your data since it is delivered between cloud demarcation points and also when it í processed as well as manipulated by a cloud app. Obviously, carrying out this task can help protect your data within all the whole life of data. It is up to your cloud service vendor that the methods to encrypting data are different. As a result, if you are going to encrypt your data, you should ask for the best methods that are appropriate for you.


Cloud Security Standards That Are Important To Cloud Vendors

  1. SAS 70

This is the most popular standard that all cloud service vendors must know. We can find out from a research that more than 67 percent of cloud service vendors apply this standard for their services. SAS 70 is a globally agreed standard that originally came from the AICPA, which is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The standard means that an auditor need to employ if he would like to make assessment the inside management of such a service company as a hosted data center, insurance claims processor as well as many others, or an organization that offers their costumers such services which may have an impact on the activities of the contracting enterprise.

  1. PCI DSS

It is estimated that approximately 42 percent of cloud service vendors adopt the standard named PCI DSS, which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI DSS is an internationally recognized security standard which all companies, especially the ones that hold or process or transfer and return credit card as well as credit card holder details, apply to their services. This standard was developed with the aim of providing the payment card industry more access around data and to make sure it is not exposed to others. Another purpose of this standard is to making sure your clients will not have to commit any theft or mistakes related to finance while they take advantage of a credit card.

  1. Sarbanes-Oxley

SOX, which is also known as Sarbanes-Oxley, is a standard for cloud security that means particular regulatory as well as demands on financial reporting. In terms of its aims, SOX is devised form the legislation of all the standards relating to finance, and is developed so as to prevent shareholders and the users from falling into such troubles as account errors or false practices. What is more, SOX also has influences on IT offices which have electronic records by making sure that all entrepreneur records, with both mails as well as other electronic records, are protected up to five years or more. Any failure can lead to fines or even crime. Until now, only 33 percent of cloud service vendors are adopting SOX.

  1. ISO 27001

Also 33 percent of cloud service vendors are following the standard ISO 27001. This is a standard which was introduced in the year of 2005 with the purpose of providing users with a model for setting up, installing, running, managing, checking as well as maintaining their Information Security Management System, which is also shortly written as ISMS. The system here is a framework of both policies and procedures that have all legal controls within risk control processes of a company.

  1. Safe Harbor

Nowadays, 25 percent of cloud service vendors follow the Safe Harbor regulatory, which is a process for companies which save their customer data. The aim of this standard is to help avoid accidental information loss. The companies that follow this standard Safe Harbor must follow the main guidelines which are Notice, Choice, Onward Transfer, Security, Data Integrity, Access and Enforcement. Following all this can help users be announced when their data is gather as well as how the data could be utilized, provide users with the right to choose data gathering and deliver data to third parties as well. In addition, the users also have access to information about them and then they are able to whether adjust or remove if that information is not true about them. Last but not least, security means that their collected data can be protected from being loss or being attacked.


High technology items to be used in developing countries

  1. Accessorizes for your vehicles

As you may have witnessed from the reality, since the invention of the Internet of Things as well as the telecommunications, our life has been changed very much day by day. And now a new kind of technological device named the Rasksha Safe Drive was devised with the aim of increasing safety while travelling at a higher level. This new technology is devised by a company in India. When it comes to the operation, this device runs by being put in the cabin of a vehicle or when it is linked to a motorbike dashboard. After that, it will operate to save your securely from being crashed into accidents by sending signals in case you have got into any trouble and you need support. Another highlighted point of this accessorize is that it has a panic button for you to use when calling for help in emergent cases.

You can easily install as well as activate this device by taking advantage of GPS technology and it is suitable for using on almost all kinds of vehicles.

  1. Trash cans used to provide Wi-Fi connection

This smart garbage is an ideal option to protect the environment as it serves Wi-Fi connection for those who choose not to throw garbage on the streets. In general, this garbage bin is able to give you the Internet connection within 15 minutes if you feed it trash.

This kind of plastic bins is equipped with LED screens as well as a radius. There is also eye-catching installations to be used as a method of keeping public spaces clean. All in all, this new device is so ideal for most crowded cities to prevent their areas from being polluted and it is also able to raise awareness among citizens.

  1. Luggage stations that you can server yourself

An airport in India has released its new luggage counters as a way to reduce long lines of queuing. Thanks to these travel stations which help you serve on your own, any passenger who passes through the terminals will need to drop off their bags as well as sign up and remark them with labels. Instead of employing an employee, these machines are capable of both measuring passengers’ luggage and deciding if a passenger needs to pay any fees. If there is a demand on paying cash, the process will be done by using cards.


High technology devices which are offered with a reasonable price

  1. Augmented Reality Headsets which are not expensive at all

A new headset called the Smart Cap is a new technological kind of headset which is integrated with augmented reality technology. It was devised by a designer from India. In general, this Smart Cap is a Google Glass which was created by using Linux, an open source Raspberry Pi personal computer as well as a software for voice detection.

On the current market, this Smart Cap is considered to be the most effective headset equipped with augmented reality technology. In addition to the functions of a normal headset, this new one can be created on your own with a reasonable price. Last but not least, due to its Raspberry Pi structure, this headset can be served as your personal computer.

  1. Cameras that can capture photos at a really fast pace

A company in Indian named NexGear has currently introduced a high tech camera which is specifically designed to be used in adventurous journey as this camera is able to record as well as adjust scenes at an automatic manner and then those photos can be shared at a fast pace in the form of video files.

What is more, this camera named Frodo is equipped with a 120-degree wide angle 8-megapixel camera so that it is able to snap photos or record HD videos at the speed of 30 frames every second. Also, it will allow you to capture photos quickly before you miss a memorable moment.

  1. Self-Juicing Batteries

A group of researchers in India has collaborated together to create a self-charging battery. As you can see from its name, this new technological battery is able to recharge on its own by taking advantage of either artificial light or light from solar energy. Although normal batteries are often utilized to store power that is come from solar cells, this new battery utilizes a special titanium anode, not a regular anode so that it can charge itself easily.

Moreover, this battery is able to reach its full charge within only 30 seconds when it is put in regular indoor lighting. After that, you can use it to charge your LED light or to operate a small fan. This charge is expected to last more than 100 times of charging. Another highlighted point of this charge is that its possibility of catching fire is less than normal batteries.