All About Cloud Security

Within the few past years, cloud computing has become one of the most developed technology, which offers the customers inexpensive, virtual services that cost us a lot in the past as well as demanded on local heavy hardware. Today, many entrepreneurs have been utilizing cloud so as to deal with a lot of business operations. In the long term, cloud will become really necessary for us and we have to save our data which is located on cloud while also maintaining the good value of service that we are provided. Cloud security is the most annoying thing to take into consideration as attackers can hack user details to carry out their illegal purposes. We may keeping a lot of our data in the cloud even though we do not really understand clearly all about its security. The article is going to a lot of mention a lot of problems that may appear in cloud security systems of both consumers and vendors.

You must know that there are so many cloud security problems as well as risk in the cloud and they are distributed into different types, according to the location that they occur.

  1. Privacy

The most dizzy issues to stick into our mind is privacy, which may be among the most serious problems to both individual users and the cloud security providers. Your cloud service vendors need to provide you with the high level of privacy. Privacy can make sure that your data, your individual details as well as your details must not be attacked by hackers. You need to know how your data is kept within the cloud environment and whether the data is encrypted or not because you must be sure that even the admin of the system is not able to see the data without a decryption key. The encryption and decryption keys are informed with the customers and thus the cloud service vendor can not have the ability to have a look at data. You need to think of all these above issues when making a choice for a suitable cloud service providers. Another risk in privacy is the insider threat. An insider can have approach to the individual information of the user easily when the encryption keys are revealed to the cloud service vendor, or when the data has not been encrypted yet or when the data is saved in various places. Private information may be credit card information, religion, health records and many others as well.

  1. Confidentiality

Another serious issue of security to be mentioned in this article is confidentiality. It is so important that your cloud service provider needs to maintain all your data confidential from other individual users because it can be delivered through various communication channels. You need to know about end-to-end encryption, client as well as server authentication and especially no data leakage as well. Whenever there is a cross-VM side-channel attack, your confidentiality of the system could be highly compromised.

  1. Integrity

This issue means that none of your data could be modified when it is delivered from source to destination. It is necessary for you to make sure the integrity of the data, more precisely, your data can only be changed in terms of authorized transactions.

  1. Data saving

It is obvious that a cloud has a big storage space. It is able to help you store a vast amount of data as well as information. Thus, it is so important for your vendor to guarantee that the level of data privacy is maintained constantly and the data isolation is, as well. Last but not least, you must have your own address space so that they can not reach your data.


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